At the end of last July Law 54/2013 of 31 st of July was published, which produced the first and significant legal amendments concerning the organization and operation of the Justices of the Peace Courts, hereto regulated by Law 78/2001 of 13 th of July.

This new law increased the powers of the Justices of the Peace Courts both pursuant to the criteria regarding the value of the claims, which can now judge issues that do not exceed € 15,000 (previously it was only up to € 5,000) and through the material criteria, since it  is now expressly empowered, as an example, to grant injunction orders under questions that are committed to them.

The Judges of the Peace are now appointed for a five year period (and not only 3). The previous Advisory Board which coordinated the establishment and operation of the Justices of the Peace Court also saw(?) their powers extended, particularly regarding the control of the judges activity and is currently designated as the Council of the Justice of the Peace.