On 25 December 2015 Ukrainian Parliament adopted Law on public procurement (the “Public Procurement Law”).

The adoption of the Public Procurement Law will facilitate implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement and the creation of an e-procurement system. It is a significant development in Ukraine’s fight against corruption by ensuring the transparency and accountability of the public procurement process.

Unlike the current version of the law, which sets out five various public procurement procedures, the Public Procurement Law provides for only three; two-step bids and request of price offers and preliminary qualification of participants will be eliminated, leaving a system of:

  • open bids
  • a competitive dialogue
  • a negotiable procurement procedure.

All public procurements through the electronic system will be mandatory, based on the web-platform already in effect - https://public-bid.com.ua/.

Public procurement in the oil and gas, post services, and telecoms sectors will be subject to regulation under separate laws which are to be adopted by the parliament.

Starting from 1 August 2016 all public procurements will have to be held under the Public Procurement Law.

The Public Procurement Law is yet to be signed by the President of Ukraine.