Nearly 200 nations will descend on Glasgow from 1 November 2021 for the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26), the UN-backed forum for tackling climate change. The annual summit will be a defining moment in the battle to mobilise states and policymakers.

With evidence growing that current state commitments fall far short of the core target of stabilising temperatures between 1.5°C to 2°C above pre-industrial levels, COP26 will be a prime chance to galvanise action and overcome the torturous politics and staggering costs involved. For businesses and consumers already facing looming shifts in tax and regulation as states strive to decarbonise their economies, COP26 could shape policies and controversial trade-offs that will be playing out for decades.

Our dedicated COP26 hub arms you with the resources, updates and insights to chart how climate change policy will impact your business through the 2020s. It looks at what COP26 is, what will be discussed and how it will impact businesses.

The hub is available here.