FSA has published summaries of the feedback it received to its proposals to amend FC in respect of anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) systems and controls, and banks' defences against investment fraud. It has published changes to FC to implement the changes. It received 10 responses to its ABC proposals. In response to comments, FSA has made it clear that firms may reward staff in a proportionate way that does not encourage excessive risk-taking. Among other changes are a recognition that whistleblowing hotlines may not always be practical and to alleviate concern that all firms must always provide training to all third parties. On the investment fraud guidance, only four firms responded. Their comments were detailed, and FSA has made minor changes to the final guidance. The new guidance, with examples of good and poor practice, is now in FC. (Source: FG12/20 – ABC Systems and Controls and FG12/21 – Banks’ Defences Against Investment Fraud)