On 18 July 2011, a federal law came into force that amends the Administrative Offences Code of the Russian Federation (the "Law"). The Law increases administrative responsibility for violating technical regulations.

Specifically, liability is established for the following:

  • violating technical regulations or requirements applied prior to their coming into force;
  • releasing products that do not correspond to the established requirements;
  • placing a market circulation mark (conformity mark) on a good that does not conform to the technical regulations;
  • inaccurately declaring that goods conform to the technical regulations;
  • completing work for which a company is not certified; and
  • providing inaccurate or subjective results on tests and/or measurements.

In terms of goods, work and services relating to orders for the army, there are possible administrative fines of EUR 1,000 – EUR 1,250 for executives and EUR 17,500 – EUR 25,000 for organisations that violate the technical requirements.

In addition, the Law now specifies the responsibility for drawing up protocols and reviewing cases of administrative infractions in the corresponding sphere.

The Law will come into force 180 days after it has been officially published; however, it has not been published yet.

[Federal Law No. 237-FZ "On Amending the Administrative Offences Code of the Russian Federation", dated 18 July 2011]