HB 283, by Rep Dana Young, which amends a number of provisions related to seaport security, received its first favorable vote last week. The bill repeals statewide minimum seaport security standards, authorizes seaports to implement security standards that are stronger than federal standards, and dissolves the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Access Eligibility Reporting System and Seaport Security Standards Advisory Council. The companion in the Senate, S.B. 524 by Sen. Jack Latvala, was reported favorably out of the Senate Transportation Committee on Wednesday, and is now in its last committee of reference, Budget. Meanwhile, S.B. 768 by Sen. Jeremy Ring, which creates the Seaport Infrastructure Bank, also was reported favorably on Wednesday by the Senate Commerce and Tourism Committee. The bill raises to $50 million the minimum amount of state transportation funds allocated to projects of the Florida Seaport Transportation and Economic Development Council and authorizes the Florida Ports Financing Commission to refinance and extend two existing bond issues and use the additional principle to finance capital improvement projects. The companion in the House, H.B. 399 by Rep. Lake Ray, has not received a hearing.