The Law Reform Commission has commenced a public consultation on an Issues Paper regarding Cyber-Crime Affecting Personal Safety, Privacy and Reputation including Cyber Bullying. The Paper examines both the criminal law and civil remedies including “take-down” orders.
The Paper asks for views on 5 main proposals:

  • Whether the harassment offence in section 10 of the Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person Act 1997 should be amended to incorporate a specific reference to cyber-harassment, including indirect cyber-harassment ;
  • Whether there should be an offence that involves a single serious interference, through cyber technology, with another person’s privacy;
  • Whether current law on hate crime adequately addresses activity that uses cyber technology and social media;
  • Whether current penalties for offences which can apply to cyber-harassment and related behaviour are adequate;
  • The adequacy of civil law remedies to protect against cyber-harassment and to safeguard the right to privacy.

Submissions are required before 19 January 2015.