The Business Roundtable (BRT) issued a report this month, Permitting Jobs and Business Investment Streamlining the Federal Permitting Process, highlighting the adverse impacts to business of the often long, inconsistent and burdensome federal permitting process. The CEOs of Business Roundtable believe that it is time to simplify, streamline and accelerate America's permitting process with the goal of encouraging large-scale capital investments in the U.S. economy while maintaining the nation's commitments to health, safety and soundness. With this goal in mind, this report identifies key challenges associated with the existing regulatory permitting system and sets forth a series of recommended reforms.

In its report, the BRT identified three key concerns associated with federally required permits:

  1. Too Many Burdensome Permits Are Needed
  2. Processing Permits Results in Delays and Inconsistencies
  3. Litigation Also Delays Construction Projects  

The BRT has developed a set of recommendations to reform the federal permit process making it more efficient for business and less of an adverse economic impact. A summary of the problem and recommended solution is attached.

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