In the run-up to the legalization of the online gambling market in the Netherlands, the Staatsloterij has announced that it aims to offer new types of games on the internet soon. This news appears from the new strategy for coming years, which has been described in the lottery’s annual report for 2013.

The Netherlands are currently preparing to open their (online) gambling market to global competition in 2015 by means of a new Remote Gambling Act. As a result, it is expected that foreign providers will have the chance to obtain a license in 2015 if they meet the requirements under this upcoming legislation.

At present, the draft text of the proposed Dutch Remote Gambling Act has been notified to the European Commission. The draft could still change: it is just the starting point of the legislative process in the Netherlands. The expectation is that in June – after the three-month standstill at the EU commission has passed – the bill will be submitted to the House of Representatives for discussion after advice from the Council of State. Practice shows that the opinion of the Council of State is often followed and incorporated into the bill. Subsequently, it will be further debated in the Senate.