Copyright is an Intellectual Property (IP) right with protection that is considerably extensive, covering works in the realm of science (think software), arts, and literature.

As Indonesia heads towards becoming a creative economy, and experiences a rapid growth in Information and Communications Technology with the rise of the digital age, the Indonesian Government saw the need to update the Copyright Law in line with the times, to provide adequate protection and enforcement for existing and new types of copyrightable works. Thus, the latest draft of the Bill of Copyright was recently passed by the House of Representatives on 16 September 2014, to replace Law no. 19 of 2002 re. Copyright.

Some of the changes under the Bill of Copyright are:

  • Copyright protection duration is extended to the creator’s life plus 70 years (compared to the previous 50 years) after his/her death;
  • Clearer definitions of terms;
  • Landlord liability: Landlords who knowingly allow the sale of counterfeits or copyright infringing goods at their trade venue are liable to a fine of up to Rp 100,000,000.00;
  • Collective Management Organization: Introduced to facilitate the collection of compensation on behalf of copyright owners for use of their works;