On August 18, the FTC announced that three Texas-based auto dealers will pay an $85,000 civil penalty to resolve allegations that they violated a 2014 administrative order prohibiting them from deceptively advertising the cost of buying or leasing a car. The FTC complaint alleges, among other things, that since receiving the 2014 order, the auto dealers frequently misrepresented offers to finance or lease motor vehicles by “focusing only on a few attractive items, such as a low monthly payment or annual percentage rate, while concealing material terms that add significant extra costs or that limit who can qualify for the advertised prices.” In addition to the $85,000 civil penalty, the proposed consent order bars the defendants from (i) deceptively advertising a vehicle’s cost of purchase with financing, the cost of leasing, or any other material fact regarding price, sale, financing or leasing; (ii) misrepresenting who is likely to receive financing or leasing and who qualifies for specific finance or lease terms; and (iii) violating the Truth in Lending Act’s and the Consumer Leasing Act’s requirements to clearly and conspicuously disclose credit and lease terms.