The U.S. Department of Commerce announced the renewal of the Manufacturing Council on April 5, and it is currently seeking applications for the appointment of 30 new members to serve two-year terms beginning in December 2014. The Council functions as an advisory committee under the Federal Advisory Committee Act and is tasked with advising the Secretary of Commerce on matters relating to the U.S. manufacturing industry. The Council's work includes reviewing government policies and programs that affect the U.S. manufacturing base and identifying and recommending new programs and policies to ensure that U.S. manufacturing remains competitive both domestically and in the global marketplace.

The agency's announcement emphasizes that prospective candidates should be "active manufacturing executives" that "are leaders within their local manufacturing communities and industry sectors." In addition, the Council aspires to reflect the diversity of American manufacturing in terms of industry sectors, geographic locations, demographics, and company size. Interested persons should submit applications by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 14, 2014. Additional information regarding the application requirements and preferred qualifications may be accessed here.