On June 30, the Obama Administration delivered to Congress a bill that would create the Consumer Financial Protection Agency. The agency's mission would be to regulate the provision of consumer financial products and services by promoting "transparency, simplicity, fairness, accountability, and access in the market". More specifically, the agency would ensure that:

  1. consumers have, understand, and can use the information they need to make responsible decisions about consumer financial products or services;
  2. consumers are protected from abuse, unfairness, deception, and discrimination;
  3. markets for consumer financial products or services operate fairly and efficiently with ample room for sustainable growth and innovation; and
  4. traditionally underserved consumers and communities have access to financial services.

The agency would also be provided with the power to investigate practices, issue cease and desist orders and commence civil actions against those that violate provisions of the statute. According to the Treasury Department's press release, "[f]or the first time, a single agency will have authority to examine and enforce compliance against any institution, bank or non-bank, that provides consumer financial products or services."