From 1 January 2014, employees will be able to go directly to the Fair Work Commission to make a workplace bully claim. For employers, this adds a new layer of regulation and means they are exposed to additional liabilities and risks when managing staff. So, what steps should employers take to prepare for the new Workplace Anti-Bullying Jurisdiction from early next year?

Workplace bullying conversation - Part 1

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What is workplace bullying? How do we know it when we see it? What are the main areas of legal risk that bullying in the workplace creates for employers?

Workplace bullying conversation - Part 2

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How will the Fair Work Commission's new anti-bullying jurisdiction operate from 1 January 2014? How well equipped is the Commission to deal with bullying claims? What remedies or orders will an employee be able to obtain?

Workplace bullying conversation - Part 3


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How will the new anti-bullying laws interact with existing regulation under work health and safety legislation? What steps should employers take to ensure compliance with all laws regulating the complex issue of workplace bullying?