In an article published on April 11, 2016, Atlanta partner Michelle W. Johnson provides insight on the impact the proposed “white collar” overtime exemptions will have on the nonprofits. “If these regulations take effect, many employees who are currently classified as salaried exempt will no longer pass the salary test,” says Ms. Johnson. The change will significantly impact nonprofits, where the average salaries fall in the $25,000-$45,000 range. As these regulations are likely to be adopted later this year, nonprofits should start planning now to meet these upcoming budgetary challenges, Ms. Johnson writes. She outlines various ways in which nonprofits can stretch their labor budgets to meet the impending requirements, including increasing salaries for exempt staff to the new minimum, hiring part-time hourly workers, utilizing a flexible work week compensation plan, and using volunteers when appropriate. For the full article, subscribers can click here.