The FSA has published Handbook Notice 72. This Handbook Notice introduces the FSA Handbook and other material made by the FSA Board under its legislative powers on 24 January 2008. It also contains information about other publications relating to the Handbook and, if appropriate, lists minor corrections made to previous instruments made by the FSA Board. On 24 January 2008 the FSA Board made changes to the Handbook in three instruments which:

  • Make corrections and clarifications to various Handbook provisions (FSA 2008/1).
  • Make consequential amendments to the Handbook as a result of deregulatory changes to the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSA 2008/2).
  • Make additional guidance to clarify when capital disqualification events can be used in tier 1 and upper tier 2 instruments. This instrument also makes amendments to rules on indirect issues of innovative tier 1 capital (FSA 2008/3).

View Handbook Notice 72, (PDF 1.81MB), 25 January 2008