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The top 10

  • Big data, big problems: the liability pitfall lurking beneath the shiny surface of “people analytics” (5:08) Listen Now
  • Mom-friendly policies may be a nice perk but could constitute gender discrimination (4:11) Listen Now
  • Scary amount of punitive damages ordered against 'mean and cheap' employer (5:18) Listen Now
  • Employment & labor law in the United States (41:47) Listen Now
  • Straight from the source: EEOC’s 10 hottest litigation trends (11:21) Listen Now
  • UK Modern Slavery and Supply Chain Reporting Takes Effect Today (3:43) Listen Now
  • FMLA FAQ: can an employer require that an employee sign a form confirming he took FMLA leave for the reason provided (to combat FMLA abuse)? (6:16) Listen Now
  • Lesson learned – watch what you say: it can and will be used against you (4:29) Listen Now
  • Snooping nurse's termination upheld by Arbitrator (7:26) Listen Now
  • T.J. Simers discrimination trial: we thought he’d never rest! (3:58) Listen Now