Following a consultation process, the Department of Finance has published its 'proposed course of action' following its public consultation on the Member State discretions allowed for in the Payments Accounts Directive (which must be transposed by 18 September 2016).  Ireland will exercise its discretion in relation to 8 of the 18 discretions included in its Consultation Paper, including by exempting An Post, credit unions and friendly societies from the scope of the Irish legislation transposing the Directive. In addition, some of the discretions exercised relate to switching: a modified version of the Central Bank Code of Conduct on Switching of Current Accounts with Credit Institutions will be provided for, any information on the switching process must now also identify details of the deposit guarantee scheme, where applicable, and the consumer authorisation instigating the switching process must be in writing. Some of the discretions not exercised by Ireland include the discretion to expand the application of the Directive to wider categories of payment accounts, the discretion to require consumers who wish to open a payment account with basic features to show a genuine interest in doing so and the discretion to require overdrafts be a basic features of accounts.