In February and March, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved three rules proposed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority as part of its process to develop a Consolidated FINRA Rulebook consolidating the different parts of the current FINRA rulebook, which includes the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) rules and the rules incorporated from the New York Stock Exchange. Each of the approved rule proposals adopts, with certain modifications, an existing NASD Interpretive Material or NASD Rule as a new consolidated FINRA Rule. These three new consolidated FINRA Rules, which take effect June 15, relate to interfering with the transfer of customer accounts in the context of employment disputes, recommendations to customers in over-the-counter equity securities and anti-intimidation/coordination.  

Click here to read FINRA Regulatory Notice discussing the new FINRA Rules. The SEC releases approving the proposals are available here, here and here.