The Chairman of the British Olympic Association, Lord Moynihan, is planning to introduce a Bill to the House of Lords which would allow police to search the athletes' village at the 2012 Olympic Games for performance enhancing drugs.

The fine detail of the Bill has not yet been published. It is unlikely, however, to permit random drugs searches and require some form of reasonable grounds prior to a search being conducted. Lord Moynihan believes that the fight against performance enhancing drugs is inhibited by the fact that searches can only be undertaken for prohibited substances as opposed to performance enhancing drugs and feels that Britain lacks the same powers as many other European countries.

Another proposal which has been mooted is for athletes to give their permission for their rooms to be searched as a condition of entry to the Games.

Although the intention is for the Bill to become law by summer 2011, the pending general election means that any Bill will need to be reintroduced during the next session of Parliament.