Public Sector-Driven Job Creation President Moon has placed job creation as a top priority among his economic pledges, vowing to create 810,000 new jobs in the public sector. His plan includes 174,000 new civil service positions in national security and public safety; 340,000 in social services; and converting 300,000 non-regular workers to permanent employees.

Expanding Childcare Leave and Paternity-Leave, and Benefits Paternity leave may be increased from the current 5 days (including 3 paid days) to 14 days (including 10 paid days). Childcare-leave wage-replacement subsidies may also be increased to twice the current level for the first three (3) months. A parent may also be able to use child-care leave for up to 6 months with increased leave subsidies (twice the current level) if the leave begins immediately after the other parent's maternity leave or childcare leave.

Enhanced Protection of Contractor Workers Additional industrial safety obligations may be imposed on companies with respect to the workers of their contractors. And outsourcing dangerous work to contractors may be entirely prohibited.

Protecting Special Categories of Employees President Moon promised increased protection for special categories of employee that often fall outside the protections of Korean labor law, such as insurance planners, home school teachers, and delivery drivers.

Anti-Slavery and Anti-Bullying The Labor Standards Act's current anti-slavery clause and no-violence clause may be amended to expand their coverage and to specify the particular types of conduct that are prohibited.