From 30 April 2014, any person may obtain officially registered information in respect of a legal entity on the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation’s official website: The same applies to the information in respect of individual entrepreneurs. This was introduced by the Order of the Ministry of Finance of Russia N115н dated 5 December 2013.

Online access to the respective data base is free of charge and provided on a 24 hour basis. Publicly available information on the state registration of the companies includes the following data: full name, address, state registration number (OGRN), tax registration number (INN), founders (for joint stock companies) and participants (for LLCs), value of the charter capital, CEO, types of activities, licences, etc.). In respect of individual entrepreneurs it is possible to get the following information: full name, nationality, state registration number, tax registration number, licences, types of activities and so on. Certain information protected by law is not publicly available such as personal data (passport and address) as well as certain others e.g. number of bank accounts a person has.

It remains to be seen whether this online database will substitute the official extracts from the respective state registers which the state authorities and other institutions e.g. banks, notaries currently demanded in order to check the formal details and legal status of the companies and individual entrepreneurs.