Consultants approach dealing with appointment terms in various ways. At a recent construction industry networking event when questioned by a consultant "Who is the pickiest member of the team", our conversation turned to why you would want to be picky and a quick review of good and bad approaches.

Whilst all team members have their individual corporate approach, some are simply not picky at all. They may simply sign the issued appointment document. With time and costs being saved, an employer client may initially be pleased with this approach. But should they be pleased? This begs the question from a practical perspective, has the consultant reviewed the appointment and do they understand the terms and scope? Does this then mean that the appointment has not been approved by their insurer perhaps leaving both the consultant and client exposed?

In contrast, others may seek to rewrite a bespoke appointment. Whilst this may take time, it is perhaps more likely that the terms have been reviewed, understood and approved both by the consultant and insurer.

Whilst there may be a tension between managing corporate risk and balancing this with business development, the response of an insurance policy is likely to be key should a claim arise.