Testimony from last week's joint hearing of the Ohio House Public Utilities Committee and Senate Energy & Public Utilities Committee regarding Ohio's renewable energy mandates is now available. As previously noted here, renewable energy industry officials urged lawmakers to maintain the mandates as they consider rewriting Ohio’s electricity law.

As established by Ohio Senate Bill 221 in 2008, Ohio's renewable portfolio standard ("RPS") requires the state's utilities to procure 12.5 percent of their electricity from renewable energy sources by 2025. Defending the RPS were Eric Thumma, president of the Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Coalition and director of institutional relations at Iberdrola Renewables Inc. (testimony available here), Edward Weston, director of Global Wind Network (testimony available here), and Colin Murchie, director of government affairs for SolarCity Corporation, on behalf of the Solar Alliance (testimony available here).

Also providing testimony (available here) was Andrew Ott, Senior Vice President for Markets for PJM Interconnection, a regional transmission organization that manages the electric grid in twelve states, including Ohio, and the District of Columbia. Ott testified about the impact of renewable energy on the electric grid.