The European Association of Co-operative Treasurers (EACT) has published a press release about the impact of the financial crisis on bank relationships and financing conditions. The European Association of Corporate Treasurers is a grouping of 20 national associations representing treasury and finance professionals from 19 countries of Europe. Between November 2011 and February 2013 the Association conducted its fourth survey to provide a pan-European view of the impact of the financial crisis on the bank relationships of companies and on financing conditions for corporates. The key messages from this Survey are:

  • while financing conditions remain difficult there are signs of improvement
  • 1 company out of 5 is still experiencing a reduction in credit availability. However, this compares with the situation in mid-2009 when roughly 50% of companies reported reductions.
  • whereas in mid-2009 29% of companies reported that banks were cancelling credit lines this is now reduced to 11%.
  • the response of banks to requests for increased lines of credit has remained broadly constant over the 4 surveys, with roughly 2/3 offering such support to companies.