UK regulators consult on collection of remuneration data: PRA and FCA are proposing changes to their remuneration data reporting requirements, which apply to banks, building societies, PRA-designated investment firms and IFPRU investment firms. The changes have to be effective by 31 October and relate to the new format templates introduced by the revised EBA guidelines on benchmarking and high earners data. The new templates enable the collection of more detailed data, and the high earners report will need to cover all employees with total remuneration in excess of €1 million, as required by the fourth Capital Requirements Directive (CRD 4). The regulators ask for comments by 17 October. (Source: CRD 4: Data Collection on Remuneration Practices)

PRA clarifies reporting on exposures to underlying assets: PRA has clarified the values that can be entered in the field for transactions where there is an exposure to underlying assets for Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR) reporting purposes. It has also announced on its website its commitment to ensuring that any clarifications of this nature are issued at least 30 working days before quarterly reporting. (Source: Clarification of Procedures for Completion of Large Exposures Templates

PRA consults on complying with encumbrance guidelines: PRA has launched a consultation, open until 24 November, on its draft supervisory statement on EBA's guidelines on disclosure of encumbered and unencumbered assets. It proposes to use the discretion to waive disclosure of the Bank of England's liquidity assistance. The supervisory statement would also set out PRA's expectations on appropriate level of disclosure, calculation of median values and frequency of disclosures. (Source: CRD 4: Compliance with Guidelines on Encumbered Assets Disclosure)