Scuppered Atlantic crossing

Scientists from the United States and Brazil are attempting to launch a robot that will reach Africa, crossing the South Atlantic. RU-29 was launched in early July about 300 km from the city of Santos in Brazil and destined to Cape Town in South Africa.

The launch failed but will be attempted again. The scientists involved are from Rutgers University, New Jersey, and the Oceanography Institute of the University of São Paulo. The objective is to collect scientific data

on the structure and functioning of the South Atlantic, which is the least studied ocean on the planet.

Making innovation easier

Brazilian Innovation Agency (FINEP), the study and research financing entity within the Ministry of Science and Technology, in early August approved contracts worth R$3 billion to subsidize investment in innovation by enterprises. That brings approved financing to R$10 billion.

In related news, the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) has presented the presidential candidates with a list of demands with respect to innovation and intellectual property. In particular CNI wants to speed up the process for obtaining patents and to improve access to

incentives for research in science and technology.

Rebuilding in Antarctica

The Brazilian government intends to put forth a tender inviting participants to bid for the reconstruction of the country’s Antarctic base.