The cybercrimes law no. 175/2018 (the “Law”) has been issued on 14 August 2018 and enacted on 15 August 2018. The Law stipulated that its executive regulations will be issued within three months from the date of issuance of the Law. After more than two years, and on 27 August, 2020, the Prime Minister has issued the long awaited executive regulations to the Law by virtue of the decree no. 1699/2020 (the “ER”).

The Law addresses service providers who are defined as any natural or legal person (or their representative that provides the services on their behalf) who provides users with information technology or telecommunications services including processing or saving of data. The Law sets forth the acts that are considered as cybercrimes and sets forth the penalties for the violation of its provisions which include travel ban, imprisonment and fines ranging from EGP 5,000 to EGP 20,000,000.

The Law has further provided a grace period of one year to its addressees to comply with its provisions from the date of its enactment which has since then lapsed. The ER provides more clarity and details on the rules and regulations to be followed by the addressees in compliance with the Law.