Coasts - Act 2/2013, of May 29, for the protection and sustainable use of the coast, modifying Act 22/1988, of July 28, of the Coastal Law (BOE 129, May 30, 2013)

This new Act does not replace the previous one, but includes many amendments to the legal framework introduced by Act 22/1988, of July 28, on Coasts, giving greater legal certainty.

These amendments include:

  • A new regulation on what the Act refers to as "maritime residential complexes," defined as "residential areas with a navigable waterway system, built on flooded private land."
  • A new framework to deal with controversial situations that have arisen mainly in Empuria Brava and Castelló d’Empúries, but which also offers a new regulatory landscape that facilitates similar initiatives on our coastline, clarifying the legal system for these residential complexes. However, this depends on the legislation and the planning instruments provided by the respective autonomous communities.
  • A regulatory procedure reducing protected easements from 100 to 20 meters in areas that were not classified as urban land, but had some building and development characteristics before the 1988 Act came into force. The Act recognizes reduced easements in de facto situations.
  • An extension of the maximum term for maritime-terrestrial public domain concessions from 30 years to 75 years.