The Courts and Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2013 was signed into law on 24 July 2013 but the commencement order is still pending. Amongst other matters, the Act will introduce increases to the monetary limits of the District and Circuit Courts (including for personal injuries). The changes will increase the monetary jurisdiction of (a) the District Court from €6,384 to €15,000 and (b) the Circuit Court from €38,092 to €75,000 (but limiting this to €60,000 for personal injury actions). This follows a statement published by Insurance Ireland on its website on 12 July 2013, announcing that it had called on the Irish Government to postpone the proposed increases (as, in its view, they will result in (a) higher awards, (b) greater legal costs and litigation, (c) fewer cases being dealt with by the Injuries Board and (d) court delays).