On 11 May 2015, the FCA published a thematic review report on the provision of premium finance to retail general insurance customers. The review focused on the online sale of home and car insurance, following the process up to where purchasers are required to input payment details. The review covered 13 insurers and 30 insurance intermediaries. One of its stated aims was to understand whether firms are ensuring that customers information needs are met when purchasing insurance using premium finance. Key findings included, that in a number of cases, customers are not provided with clear and relevant information on payment options and associated costs and are not receiving sufficient information regarding any instalment options being offered. The FCA notes that the review highlights a need for many firms to ensure that the information they provide to customers is compliant with the FCA's various rules and guidance and also (where relevant) with UK consumer legislation. The FCA has stated that it will engage with the insurance industry and will take any necessary actions to address risks to customers.