The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has clarifi ed its proposals to give employment tribunals the power to pass on whistle blowing (Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998) allegations to a prescribed regulator.

For claims (or amended claims) arising on or after 6 April 2010, a number of changes will be put into place:

  • the tribunal claim form (ET1) is to be amended so that claimants will be invited to tick a box, indicating whether their claim includes allegations of a protected disclosure and, if so, that they wish the tribunal to refer the allegations on  
  • where this box is ticked and the tribunal identifi es a protected disclosure, the information will be passed on to one or more relevant authorities on a prescribed list  
  • the Tribunal Rules of Procedure 2004 will be amended to allow for such disclosure of otherwise privileged information  
  • both parties to the tribunal proceedings will be contacted in writing by the tribunal to confi rm that a relevant authority has been contacted and that a copy of the ET1 (or relevant extracts) has been disclosed.