President Pro Tempore of the Senate Announces Interim Committee Appointments

This morning, President Pro Tempore of the Senate Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) announced appointments to the interim joint legislative oversight committees and study committees.

House Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) announced the House appointments to oversight and study committees on November 20.

It is likely that most of these committees will meet once a month until the 2016 short session convenes in late April.

Click here to review the House’s interim committee assignments.

Administrative Procedure 

Sen. Fletcher Hartsell, Chair 

Sens. Tamara Barringer, Dan Blue, Warren Daniel, Brent Jackson, Jeff Jackson, Gladys Robinson, Andy Wells

Agriculture & Natural and Economic Resources

Sen. Brent Jackson, Chair 

Sens. John Alexander, Angela Bryant, Bill Cook, Tom McInnis, Norman Sanderson

Capital Improvements

Sen. Kathy Harrington, Chair 

Sens. Harry Brown, Ben Clark, Joel Ford, Rick Gunn, Brent Jackson, Joyce Krawiec, Tommy Tucker 

Advisory Member : Sen. Chad Barefoot

Economic Development

Sen. Harry Brown, Chair 

Sens. Tamara Barringer, Angela Bryant, Rick Gunn, Brent Jackson, Michael Lee, Tom McInnis, Floyd McKissick, Bob Rucho, Norma Sanderson, Erica Smith-Ingram


Sen. Dan Soucek, Chair 

Sen. Jerry Tillman, Vice Chair 

Sens. Tom Apodaca, Chad Barefoot, David Curtis, Louis Pate, Norman Sanderson, Jane Smith, Erica Smith-Ingram, Joyce Waddell 

Advisory Member : Sen. Fletcher Hartsell


Sen. Bob Rucho, Chair 

Sens. Tom Apodaca, Dan Blue, Andrew Brock, Joyce Krawiec, Jane Smith, Jeff Tarte, Mike Woodard

Emergency Management

Sen. Dan Soucek, Chair 

Sens. Kathy Harrington, Buck Newton, Ronald Rabin, Norman Sanderson, Terry Van Duyn

Energy Policy

Sen. Andrew Brock, Chair 

Sens. Buck Newton, Ronald Rabin, Bob Rucho, Joyce Waddell 

Advisory Member: Sen. Brent Jackson

Environmental Review Commission

Sen. Trudy Wade, Chair 

Sens. John Alexander, Stan Bingham, Brent Jackson, Paul Lowe, Ronald Rabin, Jane Smith 

Ex-Officio Member : Sen. Andrew Brock

General Government

Sen. Jim Davis, Chair 

Sens. Don Davis, Valerie Foushee, Joyce Krawiec, Michael Lee, Norman Sanderson

Governmental Operations

Sen. Phil Berger, Chair & Ex-Officio 

Sens. Tom Apodaca, Chad Barefoot, Stan Bingham, Dan Blue, Andrew Brock, Warren Daniel, Don Davis, Jim Davis, Joel Ford, Rick Gunn, Kathy Harrington, Fletcher Hartsell, Ralph Hise, Brent Jackson, Floyd McKissick, Bill Rabon, Bob Rucho, Josh Stein, Jerry Tillman, Tommy Tucker, Trudy Wade 

Ex-Officio Members : Sens. Harry Brown, Louis Pate

Health & Human Services

Sen. Louis Pate, Chair 

Sens. Chad Barefoot, Tamara Barringer, Valerie Foushee, Ralph Hise, Gladys Robinson, Norman Sanderson, Jeff Tarte, Tommy Tucker, Terry Van Duyn, Mike Woodard 

Advisory Member : Sen. Shirley Randleman

Information Technology

Sen. Jeff Tarte, Chair 

Sens. Chad Barefoot, Andrew Brock, Ben Clark, Ralph Hise, Dan Soucek, Josh Stein, Mike Woodard

Justice & Public Safety

Sen. Shirley Randleman, Chair 

Sens. Stan Bingham, Harry Brown, Angela Bryant, Warren Daniel, Jeff Jackson, Michael Lee, Buck Newton, Gladys Robinson, Dan Soucek, Andy Wells

Legislative Research Commission

Sen. Tom Apodaca, Chair 

Sens. Dan Blue, Kathy Harrington, Paul Lowe, Wesley Meredith 

Ex-Officio Member : Sen. Phil Berger

Legislative Services Commission

Sen. Phil Berger, Chair & Ex-Officio 

Sens. Tom Apodaca, Harry Brown, Ben Clark, Buck Newton

Local Government

Sen. Jim Davis, Chair 

Sens. David Curtis, Don Davis, Valerie Foushee, Tommy Tucker, Trudy Wade, Mike Woodard

Municipal Incorporations Subcommittee

Sen. Jim Davis, Chair 

Sens. Valerie Foushee, Tommy Tucker

Medicaid & Health Choice

Sen. Ralph Hise, Chair 

Sens. Ben Clark, Fletcher Hartsell, Joyce Krawiec, Floyd McKissick, Louis Pate, Tommy Tucker

North Carolina State Lottery

Sen. Jerry Tillman, Chair 

Sens. Tom Apodaca, Harry Brown, Don Davis, Rick Gunn, Floyd McKissick, Andy Wells

Revenue Laws Study Committee

Sen. Bob Rucho, Chair 

Sen. Bill Rabon, Vice Chair 

Sen. Jerry Tillman, Vice Chair 

Sens. Andrew Brock, Ben Clark, David Curtis, Joel Ford, Fletcher Hartsell, Floyd McKissick, Andy Wells 

Advisory Member : Sen. Tamara Barringer


Sen. Bill Rabon, Chair 

Sen. Kathy Harrington, Vice Chair 

Sens. Warren Daniel, Joel Ford, Rick Gunn, Joyce Krawiec, Michael Lee, Paul Lowe, Wesley Meredith, Erica Smith-Ingram, Dan Soucek 

Advisory Member : Sen. John Alexander

Unemployment Insurance

Sen. Bob Rucho, Chair 

Sens. John Alexander, Ben Clark, Wesley Meredith

Workforce Development System Reform

Sen. Chad Barefoot, Chair 

Sens. Bill Cook, David Curtis, Jim Davis, Louis Pate, Ronald Rabin, Jane Smith, Terry Van Duyn