On 21 January 2014, Swedbank Franschise AB (‘’Swedbank’’) notified its acquisition of all shares (‘’Acquisition’’) in Svensk Fastighetsförmedling AB (‘’SF’’) to the Swedish Competition Authority (‘’SCA’’). The Acquisition was not notifiable under the merger control rules in the Swedish Competition Act, but the SCA used its power to request a notification nevertheless. SF and Swedbank both operate as real estate agents on the Swedish market. Swedbank, through its subsidiary Swedbank Fastighetsbyrå, is currently the leading brand on the market, with a national market share of approximately 21 per cent and SF is the second largest brand with a national market share of approximately 15 per cent. Hemnet is a website that is partly owned by Swedbank and SF. The website focuses on compiling a vast amount of up-to-date real estate advertisements and is considered to be the leading real estate website on the Swedish market. Post acquisition, Swedbank will control 50 per cent of Hemnet combined with additional control via its membership in the Real Estate Agents Association (Sw. Mäklarsamfundet). The SCA is currently assessing whether the acquisition will lead to a significant impediment of competition on the Swedish market and has in the interim prohibited Swedbank from acting in its capacity as owner of SF, and mainly from exercising SF´s influence over Hemnet. The SCA will deliver a decision as to whether it will commence a Phase 2 investigation of Swedbank’s acquisition of SF on 5 March 2014. Source: Swedish Competition Authority Press Release 20/02/2014