The Companies Act 2006 states that company directors must have “regard to the impact of the company’s operations on the community and the environment”.

Retailers whose shares are traded on the Official List must include information about environmental matters in their business review. This could set a trend where companies do not invest in property that does not meet environmentally friendly criteria. Some commentators believe that this will lead to a two tier property market where the most energy efficient buildings are sold or leased at a premium whereas the worst performing properties will be sold or leased at a lower value. In the current market it is more likely that properties which have not been brought up to modern energy efficient standards are overlooked by companies in favour of new and “greener” properties.

Going green can enhance a company’s social/ environmental image as well as avoiding a negative reputation for owning/ leasing energy poor buildings.

The London Climate Change Agency has suggested that organisations could be “named and shamed” for the use and ownership of energy poor properties.