Leading product liability lawyers at Leigh Day have called on Vauxhall to reassure consumers following the announcement by the company that there is a potential problem over the Zafira B model catching fire.

The latest recall is believed to affect some 235,000 Zafiras and follows a recall in 2015 when more than 200 car fires were reported by car owners.

The car manufacturer told the Transport Select Committee in December 2015 that the fires were caused by incorrectly repaired fuses in the Zafira heating systems.

In correspondence with the Transport Select Committee earlier this year Vauxhall confirmed that they had first become aware of problems with the Zafira B model in September 2014. Vauxhall started an investigation into the cause of the first in August 2015.

Vauxhall has said it is taking “preventative action” over an engine problem that has led to some cars bursting into flames.

The fresh recall is aimed at owners who have not yet had their cars repaired following the first recall. Improper repairs to the car’s blower motor resistor are being blamed for the fires. The second recall will see the manufacturers replace the current soldered fuse resistor with a wax resistor to reduce the chance of manipulation.

Once the second recall is complete all affected vehicles will have a new wax fuse resistor, a new blower motor and a new moulding at the base of the windscreen to prevent water leaking into the car.

In November 2015 the London Fire Brigade said that it had attended 72 Zafira fires since 2013.

Consumer safety lawyer Jill Paterson said:

“This second recall is a worrying development for owners of the Zafira B model."