New Regulations

  • New regulations come into force on 6 April 2013. They change the way in which security created by LLPs and UK Companies on and after 6 April 2013 is to be registered at Companies House.
  • Basically all security is registrable
  • The previous regime for registering charges at Companies House will continue to apply to charges created before 6 April 2013.

New Registration Process

The following has to be delivered to Companies House within 21 days of the creation of a charge (whether by means of a document or orally):

  • a new “MR” form duly completed;
  • a certified copy of the charge, which will appear on the public register;
  • the fee (of £13 for a paper filing or £10 for an electronic filing).

The Certified Copy of the Charge

Previously the text of the charge did not appear on the public register. Now the certified copy will, but it does not need to include:

  • personal information relating to an individual (other than a name);
  • number or other identifier of a bank or securities account of a company or individual; or
  • a signature

Failure to Register

If the required documents and the fee are not delivered to Companies House within the 21 day period then, as before, the charge is void against:

  • a liquidator;
  • an administrator; or
  • a creditor.