The European Commission-Joint Research Centre and Institute of Food Safety of the University of Wageningen in The Netherlands, at the request of the European Food Safety Authority, have issued a two-part survey regarding nanomaterials in agri-food-feed applications that aims to collect information about (i) the current and potential future use of nanomaterials or nanotechnology in agri-food-feed applications, and (ii) regulation, safety assessment and reporting of nanomaterials in different countries.  

The first part of the survey focuses on the “Production, Use, Import, Research and Development of Nanomaterials in Agri-Food-Feed Applications” and is addressed to (i) companies that produce, import or use the materials in such applications, and (ii) research institutes, research and development departments of industry, or others active in research and development of materials or products containing nanomaterials in agri-food-feed applications.  

The second part of the survey focuses on the “Regulation and Safety Assessment of Nanomaterials in Agri-Food-Feed Applications” and is targeted to individuals identified as experts in the field who possess “good knowledge of legislation, reporting and safety assessment of nanomaterials in EU and non-EU countries, including authorities, consultants, companies producing in or exporting to non-EU countries and researchers.” The agencies will accept submissions until November 4, 2013.