ATO documents 

Taxation Determinations
TD 2016/18: Income tax: is a redemption payment received by a worker under the Return to Work Act 2014 (SA) assessable income of the worker?

Class Rulings
CR 2016/89: Income tax: Demerger of Davenport Resources Limited by Arunta Resources Limited
CR 2016/90: Income tax: Centuria Capital Limited - Executive Incentive Plan

Law Companion Guidelines
LCG 2016/D8: Superannuation reform: transfer balance cap and transition-to-retirement reforms: transitional CGT relief for superannuation funds
LCG 2016/D9: Superannuation reform: transfer balance cap

Other News

Board of Taxation to finalise report on hybrid mismatch rules and regulatory capital

The Board of Taxation (Board) met on 11 November to discuss the progress of a number of its projects including the application of the hybrid mismatch rules to regulatory capital (including deductible/frankable Tier 1 instruments). The Board said that it expects to finalise its report on the application of hybrid mismatch rules to regulatory capital before the end of the calendar year.

Two superannuation Bills pass both Houses without amendment

On 23 November, the two main Bills in the Government’s superannuation reform package passed the Senate without amendment, following passage through the House of Representatives on 22 November. These Bills implement the changes announced in the 2016-17 Federal Budget and in later announcements (refer to our Riposte here for details of those announcements).

Progress of legislation

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