In a step forward for "green building" in Indiana, Governor Daniels recently signed Executive Order 08-14 for the "Establishment of Energy Efficient State Building Initiative." In short, this executive order requires all state buildings to be "designed, constructed, operated and maintained to achieve maximum energy efficiency." Important details from the order include the following:

  • The requirement for energy efficiency is not absolute. Instead, it is mandatory only to the extent it can be "accomplished on a cost effective basis." The Department of Administration will be developing standards for analyzing the cost efficiency requirement.
  • Efficiency can be demonstrated by achieving a LEED Silver rating, a two globes rating under the Green Globes rating system, the EPA's ENERGY STAR®, or an equivalent rating system.
  • The requirement for energy efficiency applies to the repair and renovation of existing structures, as well as to new construction.
  • The order requires that all projects consider using Indiana hardwood lumber, where practical.