Now this is one which is definitely for a Friday! Following hot on the heels of my Bring Your Baby To Work blog I noticed this article from Business Insider the other day that claimed “dogs make employees more productive at work”. According to the article, more and more companies in the US are allowing employees to bring their pets to work.

Perhaps for practical reasons, dogs seem to be the pet of choice. According to one employer, “dogs are a sense of peace, gentleness, a diversion, something other than what we define as work”.

Whilst I have always been more of a cat person there is something attractive about the thought of having a loyal, friendly dog sitting at your feet while you make a difficult phone call. On the other hand, there is potential for disaster! What if two of the dogs don’t get on? Or that a colleague is allergic to dog hair? Or that you are attempting to impress a client who happens to have a fear of dogs?

I have heard a good few stories over the years about people who do bring their dogs to work but they tended to be one offs. Whether employers will throw open their doors to their employees’ pets remains to be seen but it seems doubtful!