Press reports last week noted planned Trump Administration cuts to housing and community development programs, including more than $6 Billion in cuts to HUD for FY 2018, starting October 1. The proposal, if it moves forward, signals a federal retreat from housing and support for cities and urban areas. Programs that appear targeted are: HOME Investment Partnerships Program, the Community Development Block Grant Program, and Choice Neighborhoods, being completely cut. It is important to note that these programs currently enjoy bipartisan support in Congress, raising the possibility that the proposed cuts, at least in their current form, could be rejected by Congress, or that the Administration would amend the draft budget proposal before formally submitting it to Congress.

If these priorities are implemented states and cities would need to expand or create new programs themselves. Not all programs, or local governments, are created equal; large cities may be able to cope in part or whole, but it is doubtful smaller and rural jurisdictions would be able to make up for the loss of federal participation.

The Federal government is currently operating under a Continuing Resolution (CR) in the absence in a formal budget. The CR will need to be renewed April 22nd, and with Sequestration still in effect, there would be substantial program cuts at that time. For further coverage: