Bensalem Township, PA voted to regulate companies that can do approved emergency construction work on a home. Apparently in Bensalem, PA many contractors, who are eager for work, arrive at a property minutes after a fire has been extinguished.  These contractors often have police scanners and arrive at the scene ready to assist the homeowner with the work needed.

Bensalem Township's Police Department asked the Bensalem council to consider regulating these companies.  The Police Department is looking to regulate only emergency services such as boarding up damaged doors and windows. The public safety director states that the Police Department would maintain a rotating list of contractors to call during certain times, such as how the Township deals with towing vehicles. The homeowner would still have the ability to select any contractor they choose.

The council voted to adopt the ordinance. However, originally the ordinance called that the "OK'd" contractors had to have an office in Bensalem. It was changed so that contractors could have an office within 10 miles of Bensalem's border.

Have you seen other townships restrict contractors like this?