While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has extended the deadline for comments on its draft guidance for drug and medical device makers choosing to present product benefit information via social media with character space limitations, a news source reports that the head of the agency’s Office of Prescription Drug Promotion contends that the guidance will allow Twitter promotions. According to FDA’s Thomas Abrams, the guidance samples show that it is “feasible” to make benefit claims and share risk information “within the same character-space limited communication” for certain products. For other products, “particularly those with complex indications or extensive serious risks, character-space limitations imposed by platform providers may not enable meaningful presentations of both benefit and risk,” he added. Abrams also noted that FDA has undertaken a “comprehensive review of its regulations and guidance documents in an effort to harmonize the fundamental public health interests underlying the FDA’s mission and statutory framework with First Amendment interests in the dissemination of truthful, accurate and non-misleading information regarding medical products.” See Law360, September 12, 2014.