Sacre bleu! After Air France announced job cuts, six union activists attacked and assaulted members of the airline’s management who were meeting with the union, literally tearing the shirts off the managers’ backs. The managers, including the airline’s head of human resources, escaped only by climbing over a fence. Air France, which is losing money by operating, issued a statement saying that the violence was the act of “isolated individuals” and that negotiations have resumed.

Mates” or else. A labor tribunal of Australia’s Fair Work Commission recently ruled that “unfriending” a colleague on Facebook is an act of workplace bullying. Well, so much for open and frank dialogue in the workplace.

That does not compute. On second thought, it does. The Indian Economic Timesheadline says it all: “China sets up first unmanned factory; all processes are operated by robots.” Seems like one solution to successorship, joint employment, and dues checkoff obligations, voter list obligations, brawls and meetings, and workplace bullying. At least until the robots figure out that they have rights, too.