IBM made headlines last month after confirming the acquisition of video streaming service Ustream. The price tag was rumored to be in the vicinity of $130 million and has largely been met with praise. The strategic buy looks as if it will bode well for the organization in terms of its broader initiatives. The end goal is an all-encompassing "enterprise video offering" that will serve as a foothold for future growth and expansion in the cloud-video realm. The move should also help to counteract IBM's growing trend of revenue decline on the company's balance sheet.

Ustream, it appears, was the last piece of the puzzle when taken in conjunction with IBM's previous purchases. The company has been on a bit of a shopping spree as of late. Since 2013, it acquired ClearLeap, Cleversafe, and Aspera, which respectively represent platform management, storage and data transfer capabilities.

It is unclear when this piecemeal offering will become available. However, it goes without saying that IBM's competitors have already taken notice.

Live streaming as a medium has evolved considerably in recent years and grown to become a staple of content consumption across numerous verticals. This year's Super Bowl marks the first instance in which all ads airing on the telecast were also live-streamed in the digicasts as well. This underscores the significant shift that has been evolving within the digital media ecosystem. Given this migration that is occurring relative to ad spend, it is reasonable to assume that IBM will also seek to integrate its existing analytic capabilities (via Watson) into this upcoming offering and leverage its data capture as a means of gaining market share.