Much has been written about the new Privacy Act, including the renewed vigour for enforcement of breaches and the potential for significant penalties.

However the first high profile Privacy casualty is not a Bank, not a Telco, but the OAIC itself.

Since the Privacy Act was amended, the OAIC has maintained a high profile, targeting consumer and industry awareness of the new Privacy landscape.

However the Attorney-General has announced the Federal Government’s decision to disband the OAIC, as part of its cuts to funding of the Public Sector, including some Statutory Bodies.

The responsibility for Privacy will be handed over to the Privacy Commissioner.

Freedom of Information will be jointly administered by the Attorney-General’s Department, the Commonwealth Ombudsman and the AAT.

A summary of the OAIC’s achievements can be found here.

Whilst there may be a new Sheriff in town, industry should not expect any change in the focus on compliance.