On April 14, the CFPB issued its fifth fair lending report to Congress, which outlines the Bureau’s efforts in 2016 as well as its plans for 2017. According to the report, in 2016, the CFPB (i) engaged in significant outreach to both consumers and lenders to better understand fair lending compliance and access to credit issues; (ii) worked with government regulators and agencies to protect and obtain reimbursement for harmed consumers; and (iii) assisted consumers with limited proficiency in English. For 2017, the report indicates that the Bureau intends to (i) evaluate whether lenders have “intentionally discouraged” potential applicants in minority neighborhoods from applying for credit; (ii) investigate whether mortgage or student loan borrowers who fall behind on payments face more difficulty in working out new payment plans because of their race, ethnicity, age, or gender; and (iii) further explore fair access to credit for woman- and minority-owned firms—all areas the Bureau characterizes as presenting “substantial risk of credit discrimination for consumers.”  Additional information on fair lending reports issued by the Bureau is available through Buckley Sandler’s  CFPB Resource Center.