Less than three months after the Japanese nuclear disaster, residents near other nuclear facilities in the country have filed lawsuits seeking to shut down those reactors. On May 27, a group of 35 residents near Chubu Electric Power Company’s Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station filed a suit against the utility in an effort to close the facility’s five reactors. The country has a total of 54 nuclear power reactors with only 19 currently in service. Others are suspended indefinitely or are scheduled to be decommissioned, as is the case with the six reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi facility. The Japanese government is considering shutting down its 19 active reactors as well. The Swiss and German governments have already moved to phase out their nuclear power by 2022, and though the country had previously announced a moratorium on the further development of nuclear power, Italy’s national appeals court approved June 1 an upcoming national referendum on whether to reintroduce nuclear power in the country. The referendum will take place June 12-13.