A western Pennsylvania state senator, Wayne Fontana, D-Butler, announced that he will re-introduce legislation imposing a moratorium on court-ordered assessments through November 2012, or until the state acts on assessment reforms. A similar bill, passed by the state legislature in June, was vetoed by the Governor because it singled out just one county, Fontana said in a statement. The Fontana bill would apply to all court-ordered assessments in the Commonwealth.

“People in nearly every municipality in my Senatorial district have written to me, with the same pleas we have heard from county leaders. They want the system fixed before they are burdened with huge property tax increases,” said Fontana. “A state-wide moratorium on real estate tax assessments will help these communities avoid the tremendous burden that comes with reassessment. There is work being done to protect homeowners and reform the current system by the end of the year. We must allow that work to be completed.”